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Most of the music for The Grand Design is drawn from a variety of early 18th century sources. Julia Lane composed the Grand Design theme and several songs.

Leaving Derry - July, 1741

Act I The Grand Design Theme Julia Lane
The people are in Northern Ireland anticipating the crossing of the Atlantic to a new life in America.

Act I Crossing from Ireland/ The Storm Julia Lane
The Martha & Eliza encounters a terrible storm, both masts are lost.
Act I The Landing(Grand Design Variation 1)/Passamaquoddy Welcome Song
Having endured a 17 week crossing, dismasting, and the death of many comrades at sea, the survivors are left on Grand Manan Island.

The First Rescue, December, 1741

Act II The Grand Design (Variation 2) Julia Lane
It is winter on Grand Manan. Many survivors have been taken to Pemaquid but some have been left behind.
Act II On a Winter's Morning Traditional
Among the marooned are a mother and child.
The Third Rescue - April, 1742

Act II The Bridal Traditional
After many trials the survivors find a home in the New World. Several of the women marry local men and their descendants remain in many mid-coast communities.

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