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The Grand Design - A Scots-Irish Journey Music and lyrics by Julia Lane, arranged by Fred Gosbee. Sound track music from the play. The Grand Design chronicles the fate of a group of Scots-Irish coming to the new world in 1741. It is a true story of treachery, endurance, and faith.

The Grand Design CD runs 55 minutes and contains unabridged versions of the music and songs used in the stage production. There is no narrative voice-over on this recording.

The Grand Design CD $15.00
    Track Listing
  • The Grand Design Theme (words & music © Julia Lane, 2006)
  • The Dangers of the Sea (melody trad. words © Julia Lane, 2006)
  • Crossing from Ireland (trad)/The Storm (©Julia Lane, 2006)
  • Adrift (©Julia Lane, 1996)
  • The Landing (©Julia Lane, 2006)/Passamaquoddy Welcome Song (trad)
  • The Death of my Friend (trad)
  • As Ye Are Able (melody trad, words © Julia Lane, 2007)
  • The Shores of Grand Manan (words & music © Julia Lane, 2006)
  • Separation of Soul and Body (trad)
  • On a Winter's Morning (trad)
  • The Cruel Winter (©Julia Lane & Fred Gosbee, 2006)
  • Any Privation But This (trad)
  • Scot's Lullaby (trad)
  • Ancestor Song (melody trad, words © John Bear Mitchell)
  • Canoe Song (trad)/The Journey (© Julia Lane, 2006)
  • Isabel's Rescue (words & music © Julia Lane 2007)
  • Fye, Let Us to the Bridal (trad)
  • Auld Lang Syne (trad 1735 version)

The Story of the Grand Design

The Grand Design Book This 30 page book explains the "back story" of the Grand Design. Julia Lane spend four years researching the event and the context. This book tells in detail about the people, the conditions in Northern Ireland, the nature of the journey, the place where they landed, and the immigration practices of the times, and the fate of the survivors. The book also includes in their entirety the historic documents upon which the script of the play was based.

The Grand Design is a unique combination of history, music, and drama. This 30-page booklet has the detailed history and source material used in writing the play. Soft cover, illustrated.

The Grand Design Book $5.00

The Grand Design Stein

Grand Design Stein This commemorative glass stein is etched with the Grand Design logo. Just the thing to hold a warm toddy as you listen to the Cruel Winter and read about the courageous survivors.

The Grand Design Stein $10.00

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