The World Premier

The First Run

The Grand Design, produced by the Heartwood Regional Theater Company and Castlebay, opened on May 11, 2007 to a sold out house at the Parker Poe Theater in Newcastle, Maine. There were six performances in the first run with some nights SRO.

Several of the performances had descendants of the characters in the audience. At one performance eight people, representing four generations of Isabel Gamble's descendants were there.

Also in attendance at several of the performances were members of the Passamaquoddy community.

People came from Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Canada for the show.

Castlebay toured a concert version of The Grand Design August of 2007 in Maritime Canada.

Where we go from here

On October 13, 2007, we will perform a concert version at the Boothbay Opera House. We have been invited to bring the Grand Design to Anderson, SC, in March, 2008 and to Northern Ireland in June of 2008. It is our intention to use the original roster of musicians and invite local people to read the parts of Cyrus Eaton, Alexander Campbell, Sarah Porterfield, and Isabel Asbel Galloway Gamble.

Any organizations interested in booking The Grand Design please see the Programs page.

Scenes from the world premier

"Northern Ireland in 1740 was a grim scene of desperation..."

"God has appointed a place for us to dwell in..."

"The night is quiet yet. But it seems foul weather is ahead. So says the Captain."

"We were visited by a violent storm in which our ship was much wrecked..."

"A curse upon the captain...he left them all to perish..."

"Aye - an' what's been left aboard the ship d'ye ken?"

"I awaited the passing of winter on Grand Manan - with wee Robert."

"We are the people of Dawn; descendants of the Abundant Mother..."

"With this sweetgrass you are now united in is our way."

"Despite the complaint against him, Captain Rowan was never prosecuted..."

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