Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee

(Co-creators of Grand Design) perform as the duo, Castlebay.

Julia and Fred are artists with a life long affinity for Maine music. Their substantial resumes, filled with years of research, collaboration, and performance in traditional music bring them tremendous credibility in the creation of Grand Design.

Professional musicians with over 25 years¹ experience, their concerts treat an audience to a musical journey through time and across the Atlantic as they interweave timeless songs, spritely dance tunes, and haunting aires inspired by the spirit of our rich Celtic heritage. Both are accomplished singers and support their vocals with award-winning playing of the Celtic harp, guitar, fiddle, and woodwinds. The duo blends history, legend and experience into their personable performance style.

With a specialty in music and lore brought to New England by Irish and Scottish immigrants, both musicians write original songs about local heritage in the Celtic style. In addition, they have composed several extended pieces incorporating other instruments including

Castlebay's research has led them to create educational programs which present Celtic and American Colonial social history through music at museums, schools, libraries and elderhostels. Maintaining a commitment to cultural education, they regularly exchange music and information with folklorists and musicians from Australia to Canada. Their concert tours take them to the British Isles and Ireland as well as throughout the eastern U.S. They have released 21 albums of both traditional and original music in the Celtic style.

Castlebay is eligible for funding through the New England Foundation for the Arts' NEST program

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